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What is Valentine’s Day?

What is Valentine’s Day?

In many countries, people celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending cards and gifts to their romantic companions or good friends. They may as well arrange for an intimate dinner or maybe a weekend apart together.

What is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

Although no one is familiar with for sure, is actually thought that Valentine’s is based on a festival in Rome called Lupercalia. With this Roman pageant, men slain a goat and a dog and then whipped women of all ages with their skins. The sacrificial practices had been thought to bring all the best in appreciate and marriage.

What are the traditional presents on Valentine’s?

Gifts contain candy, blossoms, lingerie, charms and bubbly. Heart-shaped cases of sweets are a prevalent Valentine’s Day product.

Who is the Saint that inspired Valentine’s?

There are several stories about that is behind the holiday. Some say that a Christian clergyman named Valentines was martyred on February 14th. Various other stories say this individual fell in love along with his jailer’s little princess and sent her a letter of passion, which your sweetheart sent to him just before he perished.

Just how did we get to the rosy-cheeked Valentine’s Day that individuals know and love today?

The primary written interconnection among love and Valentine’s Day comes from the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in his 14th-century poem «The Parlement of Foules. inches He was probably just using the idea so that you can make his lines rhyme.ños-cumpleaños-el-regalo-de-mil-capas.jpg

The break of Valentine’s Time is now recognized by sending greeting cards and items to relatives, and it has become a significant industrial event. The United States alone will buy 144 million Valentine’s Day playing cards each year!

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